Do you only photograph senior pictures?

Although I specialize in senior portraits, I am available for any of your photography needs such as weddings, engagements, bridal, family pictures, business head shots, parties, and corporate events.


How do senior pictures work, what is the process?

1. Pre-shoot Consultation

2. Photoshoot

3. Processing

Between 3-6 weeks after your session, an email will be sent to you with your password, letting you know that your gallery is available to view. You will be able to order prints, pin to Pinterest, share with your friends, all from this gallery. 

Your session will only be live on the website galleries for two weeks. This is to finish your ordering in an adequate amount of time, and ensure fast turn around times on your prints. Print packages are carefully designed with you in mind. All the senior collections require you to purchase either digital negatives for $250, or a minimum print purchase of $300. Print collections begin at $300. Digital negatives and print packages are not included in your collection investment.

4. Ordering Consult 

5. Receive Prints!

If a print purchase is not made within the two weeks the gallery is open, the gallery can be reopened at a later date. Gallery can be reopened upon request BUT gallery must be reopened at a much later date, specified by the photographer. This is due to high volumes and based on the judgment of the photographer and the current workflow.

RETOUCHING- Photo retouching, sometimes called retouching or airbrushing, refers to the process of manipulating photographs in order to slightly change the looks of a subject. This includes basic “fixes”, like erasing pimples or making a ruddy complexion appear even.

Retouching of any image is included when a print is purchased of that image. This includes the print packages. You will not see any "retouching" on your image gallery, retouching is reserved for print purchases only.

When should I book my senior pictures?

Your session date is very important to us and when you book your session matters. Booking early will ensure quick turn around times, receiving prints quickly, and faster service. When you book later in the season, closer to graduation, you run the risk of receiving products at later times then stated above. If you book later in the year, Callie Beth Photo + Design asks you to be flexible and patient with the editing and printing process. 

Where do you take senior pictures?

Each person is different, they have a different style and a unique personalty. At the pre-shoot consultation, we discuss how to show off your personality in your photos by using specific locations or props. We also discuss your package details and the location possibilities of your session. To look at previous session locations, look at the BLOG or my Instagram for ideas!

What is a Pre-shoot Consultation? Should my parent or guardian come to the pre-shoot consultation? 

A Pre-shoot consultation is a meeting that happens before your photoshoot happens. This meeting is complimentary! You get one-on-one, face to face time with me to ask me any question you can think of about your senior pictures. I encourage seniors to bring a parent or guardian with them to the pre-shoot consultation, because we all know parents have questions too! This is also when you will book your date, and a non-refundable deposit can be paid at the consultation to hold your photoshoot date. 

Do you offer hair and makeup?

Yes! I have set up local vendors around DFW to be available for Callie Beth Seniors. Collections that include professional hair and makeup also include the stylist on location, within specific dates. During daylight savings time, Saturdays are difficult for stylists to come on site without taking a large amount of time off from their salons. Between November 5, 2017 and March 11, 2018, onsite stylist at your session is only available for weekday sessions, and possibly Sunday sessions (depending on availability).

What do I wear for my senior pictures? what is professional styling?

That is a great question! Planning out your senior picture outfits, or any portrait outfits can either be really exciting or really difficult. My first suggestion would be to purchase the senior collection that includes professional styling! When you purchase styling with Callie Beth Photo, you have full access to professional stylist Hollie Youngblood.

The Styling Process:
  1. Free FaceTime consult with Hollie Youngblood to discuss your style, possible boutiques, and possible outfits!
  2. A couple weeks before your session, Hollie will either pull outfits from local boutiques according to your style, or come to your house and style you in your OWN clothes! This will prep you for your session and help you know exactly what to wear, and what looks best on you!
  3. If you choose boutique clothing, your outfits will be delivered to you the day of your session! Once your session is over, change into your own clothes and return the outfits. Easy as that! 

Do you have any tips if I am not getting professional styling?




Color-Try to stay away from white if possible. White, flowing dresses in a bright field is very popular but if you layer the dress with a colorful cardigan and a fun hat then it will photograph better! 

Accessorize- This is a great way to spruce up any outfit. Chunky necklaces, floral scarfs, a floppy hat, are all easy, inexpensive ways to add to a simple outfit to make it special. 

Texture- An example of adding texture to your outfit would be a chunky knit sweater, shirts with patterns like plaid, or a fur vest. If it feels like it has texture then that is what your looking for!

Layer- Now take all that you have learned from above and layer, layer, layer!

For more inspiration on what to where or how to "Layer the CAT" you can check out my
Pinterest board Here!

What if it rains?

The general rule of thumb is, if it is raining at noon on the day of your session, the session will be canceled and rescheduled for a later date. I am more then willing to book your new date as quickly and efficiently as possible. But when rescheduling please be aware that editing and turn around times will be adjusted according to your new date, and the amount of current work Callie Beth Photo + Design has at the time. 

Do you offer Senior Announcements?

Yes! Senior announcements don't have to be the generic invitation the school provides. Choose a custom design with Callie Beth Photo + Design! To begin the process, please fill out this form here to receive more information about the design process.

How much do prints cost?

Print packages are carefully designed with you in mind. All the senior collections require you to purchase either digital negatives for $250, or a minimum print purchase of $300. Print collections begin at $300. Digital negatives and print packages are not included in your collection investment.

If you would like further information about selecting a print package just rght for you, please request the "Print Package Menu" by contacting Callie HERE

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule your pre-shoot consultation today!